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Sunday, January 14, 2018

KNIFE crime breakthrough - possible solutions ahead

WITH knife crime numbers in the UK continuing to soar, now reaching c. 37,000 - more than 100 a day - there has been growing calls over the holidays to treat the problem as a public health issue.

Sarah Jones, chair of the new all-party parliamentary group for knife crime and MP for Croydon, has said a multi-agency approach over 10 years is required.

If as successful as indicated, this could prove to be a key breakthrough to tackle the knife crime epidemic in this country - and indicative of how to solve gun crime too perhaps, both here and abroad.

More details on the all party parliamentary group on knife crime

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Watch out for the stabbers - in words + evil deeds...

STABBING by so-called 'colleagues' and 'friends' can be equally as hurtful, mentally at least, just as much as a physical injury. Bullying by cruel, pointed words (e.g. on social media) has been shown to drive victims to suicide.
Sticks and stones (and knives) can break your bones and, in fact, words can hurt us all :'(

Play one of the O'Jays great choons (above) to help you stay alert to the stabbers that often seem to be around us day-to-day. And careful what you say too ... be kind.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

POPPIES + peace... fighting for peace with flowers

THE POPPY, at this time of year (a time remembering the slaughter of many in wars) is a poignant reminder of lives gone, people dead at the hands of often poor quality politicians (and/or political system) and stupid powers-that-be, lives laid down as a form of self-defence, defending families and populations at home.

I've been reading several articles about wearing a poppy in November in the run-up to the Armistice remembrance - a longing for peace marked by similarly poor quality politicians who have sent many to their deaths in the past.

I look at the huge numbers of poppies that abound at this time and 'see' a sea of blood, wasted lives, societies and families losing their children, parents, friends and other loved ones. People worth remembering - and then prompting thoughts of how to achieve peace.