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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New PM Theresa May: Stance on knife crime

THERESA May is the new UK Prime Minister, so I just thought to take a look at her record on knife crime.

May has had a strong focus on changing policing (and I remember well her recent response on criticisms of policing during the Hillsborough travesty and subsequent cover-up at taxpayers expense).

She doesn't seem to think Tory or British politics might be at fault, deciding to give the Met Police a hard time about their public 'excuses' for what's causing rises in knife and other violent crime.

It's a complicated issue; interesting to read then this Telegraph article here where May says police knife crime claims are untrue

I've tweeted Government ministers, politicians and others over the past few months about the alarming rise in knife crime with little acknowledgement about how this is being tackled. Can't help feeling, in terms familiar to Christians like Theresa May, that my voice and that of other victims has been a 'voice crying in the wilderness' of British society, police and politics.

No doubt any movement down on knife crime statistics will be lauded by politicians as success of their policies, and the police could claim success too. Can we expect more silence if no improvement happens or things get worse so that UK streets become more dangerous? Probably - unless the Press and public figures can raise the temperature.

I noticed too that knife crime campaigners calls for better retail controls are being implemented, signalled by Theresa May at the Home Office’s International Crime and Policing Conference in March this year. This is good news... established business and ruling powers have listened to common sense.

I remember raising the retail issue on this blog way back in 2006 when a killer went to a local shop in my home city Chichester, spotted some deadly knives on sale and bought a huge hunting blade unchecked before going on to fatally stab Mcdonalds supervisor Jackie Marshall. It's 10 years since Jackie's killing but pleasing to see some real change for the better here.

Considering the above, I think the anti-knife crime movement is working. We are toiling away to try to make society safer and we seem to be making progress, although that progress is slower than we'd like.

Latest knife crime and violence figures:

Increases since Sept 2015 - homicides are up 11% (573 murders, an increase of 56) and offences involving knives and sharp instruments have increased by 9% to 28,008.

UK rise in violent crime over recent years

Please, join our work... Join the conversations and events you see online or offline about tackling this scourge of UK society and you will be joining the anti-knife - and anti-gun - crime campaigners... We are a force for good.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

KNIFE crime statistics - latest data of 2016

MEDIA and political coverage of the steady increase in violent crime including murders and knife crime - now up to 28,000-plus attacks and threats per year - is, frankly, risible.

Why is there not more concern?

Anyone in their right mind wants to stay safe, not be set upon by some violent thug or gang member. So why little focus and louder protests in the public arena trying to stop this? Bizarre.

Homicides are up 11% (573 murders, an increase of 56) and offences involving knives and sharp instruments have increased from Sept 2015 by 9% to 28,008.

Just look at this long list of knife crimes carried by the Mirror online edition.

The Office for National Statistics state there is "anecdotal evidence" - or perhaps a more accurate term is 'hearsay' - that "a tightening of recording procedures" may account for this steady increase for the reporting year ending December 2015 - read report.

Are you not very worried...?

I am.

That's why I'm currently planning a major fundraising drive later this year - the 3 Peaks Challenge - to try to stop sickening people committing knife crimes that are sickening and distressing.

Money raised from climbing the 3 highest peaks in the UK (Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis) will go towards knife crime education especially of young people.

There is no future carrying and using a knife. Death, prison, punishment and pain are just some of the awful consequences.

I'm raising money for The Ben Kinsella Trust. More details can be found at my Virgin Giving site - please don't hesitate - donate to educate... and stop this menace, this scourge.

#3PeaksForBen - The Ben Kinsella Trust are fundraising by climbing UK mountains 

Please support the fundraising. This is about saving lives - stopping knife crime is not easy, just like climbing mountains... it's a marathon not a sprint. Every little helps though. Join the group from The Ben Kinsella Trust on our mountain journey, support us - thanks.

Monday, March 14, 2016

FAMILY pay tribute to ‘caring and gentle’ murdered son from Bognor Regis

MANY times in the past I have written about the killings of young people by knives (and guns). Closer to home than ever, I'm doing it again, another tragedy so unnecessary :'(

WHY DO SOME PEOPLE CARRY A KNIFE? If you've got one in your pocket or know someone who does, think about it and work out how to not carry one - really. It can cause desperate sadness + difficulty, misery and pain for so many. Carrying and using a knife as a weapon does not make a better future for anyone.


The family of Luke Jeffrey, who died after he was stabbed in Chichester on Friday (March 11), have issued a tribute and a photograph.

They said: “Luke was a kind, caring and gentle young man. 

“He was passionate about fitness and health and was studying at college to become a fitness instructor. 

“Luke also had a lifelong love of music. He had his whole life ahead of him.

“He was utterly devoted to his five-year-old sister and she has lost not only her big brother, but also her best friend.

Caption: Luke Jeffrey from Bognor Regis was stabbed in Chichester on Friday March 11.

“He leaves behind loving parents, grandparents, a great-grandmother and many close friends.

“Luke was just 18 years old when he was murdered in a brutal, senseless and cowardly attack.

“We cannot find the words to describe the loss and absolute grief that we are feeling.

“Please respect our need for privacy at this desperately difficult time.”

Chief Inspector Justin Burtenshaw said: “Our thoughts are with Luke’s family and friends at this sad time.

“We want to do all we can to reassure the local community and officers from the Chichester neighbourhood policing team will be available in the surrounding areas to speak to residents if they have any concerns.”

Luke, from Linden Road, Bognor Regis, was found with serious stab wounds in Alexandra Road, Chichester, just after 9pm on Friday evening.

Samuel Morgan, 19, unemployed, of Adelaide Road, Chichester, appeared at Crawley Magistrates’ Court today (Monday March 14) charged with Luke’s murder. 

Caption: Pic of Samuel Morgan escorted by prison officer (from BBC site taken by Eddie Mitchell)

He was remanded in custody to appear at Lewes Crown Court on Tuesday (March 15).
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