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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Knife crime - why start a blog?

Knife crime
My 'knife crime' court case is due later this year and is sub judice (I was a witness, not an accused). As time goes by, I am thinking about telling my story in a compassionate, non-sensational way with one aim - to stop people using or owning knives with life-threatening intent.

The whole 'knife crime' event I was caught up in was traumatising. Since the event, it has acutely sensitised me to 'knife crime' stories that now seem to abound in the UK.

I thought I would start a 'knife crime' blog to capture relevant stories, opinion and focus about 'knife crime', mainly with the aim to highlight the problem, perhaps generating publicity, interest and maybe pressure etc that can help stop this sickening scourge on our society today.

This blog is starting out not expecting to be anything great, but to maybe develop some kind of snowball momentum to press for change - in laws, in attitudes, in society.

Please join me. Do you have thoughts on 'knife crime'? Websites to link to? Help to offer? Suggestions to give? Ideas to press for change for the better?

Please - let's start capturing them here...

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