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Saturday, October 28, 2006

'Full inquiry' plea from victim's husband

Eddie Marshall, the husband of stabbed McDonald's manager Jacky Marshall, has called for a full inquiry into how her killer's mental health problems (who had Asperger Syndrome) went undiagnosed.

Lessons must be learned from the case to avoid further tragedies in the future, says Eddie.

Eddie Marshall has questioned why Shane Freer's affliction by the Asperger Syndrome was not diagnosed.

Mr Marshall (64) said: "Obviously Asperger's comes in all sorts of shapes and forms. His was a very severe form. That's one of the things that I'll never understand – why he managed to slip through the system."

He added: "He was always considered a loner and someone who didn't mix well and it's a mystery why it wasn't picked up before. I think it needs to be looked into and investigated

"Everybody has been let down. Society has been let down. Obviously his parents don't want this either. There are no winners here. We all lost on April 16, 2006."

Mark Dunn, West Sussex County Councillor who has responsibility for child services, said compared with ten years ago when there were less monitoring processes, the system had improved and changed for identifying children who show concerning behaviour.

He said: "The whole ethos today is that diagnosis happens very early on and to make an early intervention."

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