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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Attacks on the streets, complaints about the police

As I spend a little time researching this apparently vicious, societal, knife culture that surrounds us, I'm continually alarmed at the regular tales about some kind of mindless attack or other.

Here's just one incident: an innocent young lad is walking along a small city high street (Chichester - my home town). A group of four youths pass by, and without motive, they turn back and set upon him, leaving him injured and shocked.

My mind turns to the ease at how a knife could have been pulled - and the result would have been far more deadly... in fact, fatal.

More worryingly still is when the police were contacted, the oft-repeated complaint is that officers do not do enough to make people feel their reports about this and similar attacks are properly investigated. Shame on the police, perhaps.

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