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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another lad knifed to death - when will lawmakers act?

My hands just covered my head this weekend - it made me weep. "Branded a chav - then murdered" rang out the Mirror newspaper headline.

A decent 15-year-old lad will not be getting up for school anymore, heading to the cinema or a rugby match, or spending time with his girlfriend.

All because a fool chose to carry and use a knife against him. Such a waste of a precious life by an idiot who cannot see beyond the feeling of having a death blade in his pocket.

My heart goes out to his mother who made a plea today for youngsters to stop carrying knives (see The Sun - Knife plea by 'chav boy's' mum).

I remember seeing a dying woman in front of me during the McDonalds attack at Chichester, and thinking WHY? What drives a person to wield a knife with such violence?

All the pleas in the world do not bring loved ones back to life - proper, appropriate, nationwide action must be taken to stop the lives of loved ones being stolen - and soon.

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