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Friday, February 16, 2007

Drugs (illicit) are crap, guns kill - make no mistake

Sickened. Am considering some focus on anti-gun work after the news over the past week. Three teenagers down (sob).

Seems to be a difference between knife and gun use - but the devastating consequences using one or the other is quite clear: death, serious injury, lives destroyed.

BBC News - Shot 15-year-old's father pleads to catch killers

Politicians irritate me to the point of disgust. While a boy dies in his sister's arms, politicians talk openly about family problems, specific solutions, careful responses. True to say, these bureaucrats have no idea. For f sake, few parents, relatives or friends want to hear anyone casting blame in times of grief - it doesn't help, it feels worse. It's not their fault.

That gun crime is directly linked to drugs gangs appears non-contestable. Ordinary people can play their part by not buying drugs. Illicit drugs generate criminal activity. Remember those you helped murder when you take your next cannabis drag. A smokey drag is not without its consequences, without its guilt. Poor Kate Moss, no doubt - a (potential) killer and criminal, we pretty much know.

Apparently, Peel Dem Crew - with online music pretensions - are a crime gang rolled up in this gun shooting mess. Pity them. See You Tube.

And the knife link? See BBC News - Police link two Peckham killings . Some knife and gun violence is centred around Peckham.

Who's an idiot carrying a knife or gun in Peckham - do you know one or two? Watch out for the black guy (they can't have a soul anyway - who are the white idiots too...). God protect us all.

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