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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Drug dealer 'stabs crime fighter in street'

No way should someone have to put themselves in so much danger to get a dangerous dealer off the street.

This is supposed to be a police job - so how come this dealer was out so brazenly dealing... and with a knife ready to kill? If dealers don't go to hell, I don't know who will.

That said, I'm not happy about such strong language I'm having to use to articulate the dangers about people with knives and guns in our society.

Peace must come to the streets - it's the only way.

Here's the story from today: Metro

Have-a-go hero stabbed by drug dealer

Bruce Lawrence was stabbed in the head when he stood up to a drug dealer.

Mr Lawrence told the man who was openly selling drugs to stop and move on.
The area is plagued with drug-related violence and Mr Lawrence was sick of it.

The dealer became violent and during the ensuing scuffle Mr Lawrence, 32, was stabbed in the head above the right ear and blood poured from the wound.

But despite this he managed to hold the dealer down until police arrived.

Mr Lawrence, a karate expert, said: 'I want to send a message out to all these people who think they can deal drugs on these streets.

'They should look out for me and know they won't get away with it if I'm around. I know that man's face.

'He's always dealing round here and now there's one less of them on the streets. We're not putting up with rubbish any longer, the people round here are starting to fight back.'

'There was a bit of a scuffle and he pulled out a knife and started lunging at me but I wasn't going to let him go even though I got knifed in the head.'

Mr Lawrence was treated in hospital, as was the 42-year-old suspect who was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cannabis + mental illness? No - you are the problem

I don't buy it - if people were peaceful, cannabis would not transform them into murderers. It may send them further down a path to mental chaos (especially in our busy, tense lives and society) but not killing, stabbing etc.

Combining cannabis with alcohol on a Saturday night - that maybe stupid and angry, but still not a murderer or hooligan does it make.

Killing, stabbing, shooting, the will to violence is a product of the person not the substances. People must look at themselves, not the drugs.

People on drugs, alcohol etc have to take responsibility for their actions. Stop drinking, stop smoking etc. Anything else tends to be an excuse.

Admittedly though, 'our society' doesn't help - but again that's no excuse. If you've gone out of control, that is mostly changed by education, associates, recreation. (True mental illness is a different issue though.)

What I mean is, the Guardian angle on this story maybe wrong:
News - March 2007: Drug user gets life for killing friends

That's pandering to the social workers. Far better (and good for self-esteem) to take responsibility for yourself. (If you're not coping though, seek professional help.) Whatever, don't lash out.

Look at it this way - when your angry and/or fuelled with 'stuff': breathe deeply once and tell yourself to count for two seconds ("only a fool breaks the two-second rule").

Then you won't feel as angry, then you can put the knife / gun away - and just go home.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Kill him, kill him" - knife generation murder twice

Jesus Christ, help us - two teenage boys stabbed to death in three days.

Knifed to death by a mob and 'Hoodies' sought over boy's stabbing

Sick to the pit of my stomach, upset to the core - words cannot describe... tears just keep rolling down my face.

Two things come to mind:

1. If you face some -one or -people brandishing knives, guns threatening violence - please, if there is an escape route, just run away, run like the wind. It's not worth the risk - your life is worth more if you can live to fight another day. (Maybe worth learning karate too - you can kick guns and knives out of hands.) If you're trapped, fight like a big cat cornered - you'll get out, no doubt.

2. My thoughts turn to the violent. They are little fuckers - I make no apology. That said, they are clearly lacking insight about life - crap education and upbringing they must have had. Our society, our communities are responsible - this must be fixed. Why have the politicians totally, utterly failed? What was the point of voting for people who cannot provide solutions? We need people with brains in power. Who out there knows they have a brain to take on politicians that are not thinking straight? An opportunity awaits you...

I pray for the grieving left in this hostile, unfriendly country - they need our support more than any other time.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Priest stabbing - angst + pain: no comfort on Earth

Angst and pain. BBC News: Vicar stabbed to death at church - nothing can comfort those trying to come to terms with what's happened, I feel, except God, his Mother and the angels. Nothing.

Let's struggle to try to tap people's mentality when they pick up a knife. I thought the following showed the sheer idiocy and pointlessness (that those picking up knives just don't seem' to get'):

Evening Standard:
Jealous ex jailed for stabbing childhood sweetheart

There is something destructive in the human psyche that is difficult to subdue for some people. It's not an excuse - these people let it 'inflate', become a sick 'desire' or drive, to get back, to injure.

I'm reminded of a quote - "one day, the centre of the universe will be discovered and a lot of people are going to be very disappointed to discover they are not it."

I'm not just waxing lyrical - knife-wielders think they are so important that they have a right to wield blades, to maim, to kill, because - heaven forbid - they've been wronged.

Well, wake up and smell the coffee - life is tough, waving a knife about doesn't make things easier - ever. Period.