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Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Kill him, kill him" - knife generation murder twice

Jesus Christ, help us - two teenage boys stabbed to death in three days.

Knifed to death by a mob and 'Hoodies' sought over boy's stabbing

Sick to the pit of my stomach, upset to the core - words cannot describe... tears just keep rolling down my face.

Two things come to mind:

1. If you face some -one or -people brandishing knives, guns threatening violence - please, if there is an escape route, just run away, run like the wind. It's not worth the risk - your life is worth more if you can live to fight another day. (Maybe worth learning karate too - you can kick guns and knives out of hands.) If you're trapped, fight like a big cat cornered - you'll get out, no doubt.

2. My thoughts turn to the violent. They are little fuckers - I make no apology. That said, they are clearly lacking insight about life - crap education and upbringing they must have had. Our society, our communities are responsible - this must be fixed. Why have the politicians totally, utterly failed? What was the point of voting for people who cannot provide solutions? We need people with brains in power. Who out there knows they have a brain to take on politicians that are not thinking straight? An opportunity awaits you...

I pray for the grieving left in this hostile, unfriendly country - they need our support more than any other time.

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