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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Priest stabbing - angst + pain: no comfort on Earth

Angst and pain. BBC News: Vicar stabbed to death at church - nothing can comfort those trying to come to terms with what's happened, I feel, except God, his Mother and the angels. Nothing.

Let's struggle to try to tap people's mentality when they pick up a knife. I thought the following showed the sheer idiocy and pointlessness (that those picking up knives just don't seem' to get'):

Evening Standard:
Jealous ex jailed for stabbing childhood sweetheart

There is something destructive in the human psyche that is difficult to subdue for some people. It's not an excuse - these people let it 'inflate', become a sick 'desire' or drive, to get back, to injure.

I'm reminded of a quote - "one day, the centre of the universe will be discovered and a lot of people are going to be very disappointed to discover they are not it."

I'm not just waxing lyrical - knife-wielders think they are so important that they have a right to wield blades, to maim, to kill, because - heaven forbid - they've been wronged.

Well, wake up and smell the coffee - life is tough, waving a knife about doesn't make things easier - ever. Period.

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