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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ban sales of knives: hunting, combat, machetes, fantasy

Law-abiding people won't mind (that much) seeking a licence for knives that can be used as lethal weapons.

There should be a record of who owns which lethal knife and why they own it. Why not?

Why shouldn’t people buying a hunting knife have to have a licence, just the same as a hunter needs a licence to buy a gun?

Barbara Dunne, founder of Mothers Against Knives, is pressing to get knives off English streets.

You can read her comments by visiting The Sun website: Understand the devastation that knife crime causes

This harks back to my initial calls - stop selling knives so freely in our shops, put them behind locked counters, screen the buyers etc - like we do for cigarette consumers.

Keep thinking, consider your actions... everyone.


  1. How will that help anything? Any kitchen knife is the same steel and will kill you just as dead. For that matter you can make knives out of scrap metal if you have a mind to do it.

    Why don't we outlaw anything pointy or sharp too!

    Hammers and shovels can be quite dangerous as well...rediculous.

  2. In times like this, let us remember this quote:

    "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

    Collector's knives are rarely used in crime, and as previously said, the common kitchen knife is much cheaper, more disposable and most importantly, available.

    Do you know why law abiding citizens WILL NOT want a licence? Licencing leads to one thing - Confiscation.


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