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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Knife crime not being tackled

A couple of stories have just caught my eye - that the government is too soft on knife carriers, and a girl was stabbed in her school break.

No-one can blames us for wondering what effective action is being taken, so the government deserves the brickbats, I reckon.

For a start, it is worrying that knives are carried in school. Maybe metal detector-type security scanners will have to be used?

Don't know - but the knife scourge affecting this country doesn't seem to be improving - so calls for action must continue.

(Apologies for less posts lately - there are some ongoing technical problems with blogger which are hampering my efforts. Not sure if they'll be a fix anytime soon but I'll do my best to keep posting. Keep your comments and stories coming...)

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  1. You seem knowledgeable... How many stabbings were there in the UK, during 2006?


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