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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gordon Brown, Cherie Blair 'et al' - Knife Crime Resources post

Knife crime media online resources

Gordon Brown, Jacqui Smith, Rio Ferdinand, Cherie Blair and Boris Johnson are among many in the media spotlight focusing their attention on knife crime. Made me think how media is shaping the knife crime issue. Do you think it is going in the right direction or being overtaken by some kind of strange, macabre glamourising of this often fatal form of violence because it seems to attract viewers and readers?

Thought it might be helpful to post a few knife crime media online resources in this post. Watching Sky news early this morning and surfing the web, it was striking that despite a welter of stories (that must generate a pile of pressure on those that could better tackle this UK scourge), it was alarming and still worrying that the 28th teenager has now been murdered in London this year (11th stabbed to death). It beggars belief so many people are dying - and being injured - by knife (and gun) carriers.

Knife crime search on Google - if you click this link, it will take you to a huge list of reference material. It demonstrated to me that Google is now recognising knife crime as a major content area, with its universal search capabilities kicking in.

Sky coverage of knife crime - a seemingly comprehensive multimedia round-up of violent crime in the UK

Telegraph on violent UK scourge - The Telegraph has always been quite a leading light online - their search facility works well; content is deep in coverage and makes you think

Anti-knife stories in The Times - one click will take you to this paper's round-up of articles, though no dedicated section

Knife crime search on BBC - the Beeb doesn't have a dedicated knife crime section despite the massive countrywide concern

This isn't everything but it's a useful place to start, review and think.

(I don't know what's going on with the Daily Mirror and The Guardian - some right wing plot to stop people reading these online papers maybe, but both these papers aren't loading on my computer - probably a cookie thing. And The Sun doesn't seem to show urls any more - which is weird. You can probably get to these - just enter 'knife crime' into their search boxes.)

Knife crime - thought for these violent times

When you see this lot, seems many people's careers are becoming more and more bound up in the anti-knife crime battle and phenomenon. Imagine that's a good thing. All most people want is knife - and gun - use to stop, full stop.

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