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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Channel 4 joins campaign to battle knife menace

A new anti-knife crime resource is now online. Channel 4 is starting a gun and knife crime season - called "Disarming Britain" - from June 30 (Monday) at 9pm.

Video films and information are already on the website about the series - and you can contribute to a national commission set up to examine the issue of weapons carried and used on our streets.

Programmes featured in the season:
  • Street Weapons Commission - Cherie Booth heads commission to understand the weapons culture
  • Helen Newlove - widow of Garry, kicked to death near his Cheshire home
  • Teenaged, Armed and Dangerous - teenagers' accounts about carrying and using weapons
  • Fallout - drama about race and law + order, covering murders of Stephen Lawrence and Damilola Taylor
  • Police Line - a review of damage and injury caused in attacks from a doctor who treats stabbing and shooting victims

I've added a permanent link to this resource from the weapons crime resource links on this blog's right hand navigation menu.

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