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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Step-by-step: the war on deadly weapons - knives and guns - today makes real progress

As the pressure wave of media focus on knife crime reaches a level appropriate to the destruction, harm and hurt that evil blades can wield, it is heartening to see the news headlines today.

Thousands of people cannot die or be attacked without a caring society taking action - and now we see a pretty significant milestone, probably.

When the Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (Sir Paul Stephenson) says knife crime is the top priority in London, anti-knife campaigners know they have made some real progress.

Read more here: The Times Online - Knife crime replacing terrorism as police focus

Sad that it seems quite a late response from such an important, senior level. Shame on them, perhaps. This is often endemic of bureaucracy and a dinosaur mentality in organisations such as the police, government and corporate companies. For ages it seems, they are paralysed to act properly for the common good. We deserve better for the (public) money spent keeping these people in jobs supposedly protecting and serving the public.

They need to change (that's another entire blog to be built another day).

But now we see those of influence - some with fancy titles and honours - being seen to be doing some right things... thank god.

Let's keep up the pressure - let's force, cajole, encourage etc the knife, gun and violent crime figures to plunge. Keep communicating - peaceably but firmly - for positive action; never give up - the lives of those gone before us deserve nothing less.

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