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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Knives, guns - what makes people do bad... evil stuff?

I've spent a little time on this knife blog barking about 'pure profit' motives and how 'aggressive' business needs to change because they have quite a responsibility helping create a decent society and world.

Most important to highlight that this is not the same as one human being picking up a knife and deciding to put it into someone else (or shooting another person). No-one must do that; they are wrong to do so. What their punishment must be, god only knows.

Off on another ramble now... what makes people be 'poison'; what makes people bully others; when threatened by, say, 'something or other', why do some people feel inferior and react so badly (like get out a knife)??? Trying to get insight into the way people do bad, evil stuff - might lead to some useful knowledge...

Here's to a good bank holiday weekend in the UK now

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