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Friday, October 03, 2008

Join the knife crime gangs - buy a TK Maxx jacket!

It don't get much more stupid than this, eh? Get a FREE KNIFE when you buy a TK Maxx jacket. Only swear words seem to convey the anger, frustration, idiocy and whole heap of other furious words I'm struggling to spit out.

I can't help thinking TK Maxx did this for the publicity - which would be sickening... surely not? I only say that because it may not have escaped some warped PR or marketing manager's mind that 'any publicity is good publicity'.

Here we have the UK's most popular paper publicising a down market, cheap designer brand store. TK Maxx couldn't have paid for a bigger advert.

Shame on them is the most diplomatic way to describe my reaction. Wonder how many people they're going to help kill, maim or injure with this act of lunacy?

The call from me is "boycott TK Maxx" for this unbelievably low, underhand, cheap, gutter-level gimic. Unfortunately, the oxygen of publicity here has probably helped their sales, horrible to think.

For legal reasons, I'd better put in a comment - posted in The Sun - where they try to explain themselves and their support for knife crime...

It said: "T.K. Maxx supports and enforces all laws with regard to the sale of knives. We became aware that a branded coat on sale included a pocket penknife as a promotional gift.

"We removed the items swiftly from the supply chain. All store teams have been alerted to this and as a matter of urgent priority have removed all related items from shops."

W*****s for irresponsibly promoting use of knives, and associated violent crime.

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