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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Knife crime - the Italian Mafia mentality is what needs to change

Knife (and gun) crime is about people willing to pick up a weapon and use it against another person or group. Reading about the Comorra organised crime syndicate highlights the terrible state of mind that a large portion of the world population can start to adopt over time.

Read more about Italy declaring war on the Camorra

Translating this to the UK, we might imagine now that this mentality is enjoying an inexorable rise among this country's hoodlums using weapons against others - in the first article there is evidence of the Camorra in Scotland and London. The mafia mentality, that desire to have power by being criminal and violent. Building a business base by criminal activity, not caring about the pain and misery caused to others by killing.

This is a thread we should keep an eye on - it's worrying that a large part of the population of an apparently civilised country like Italy can start to become an evil, violence-led, criminal-led force that threatens the law-abiding, moral and innocent. To me, it smacks of that hidden underworld that our armed forces and police are continually in the front line protecting us against. Scary.

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