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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mothers Against Violence North East - Stabbing video and group info, links

Theresa Cave, organiser of Mothers Against Violence North East (MAV) - whose son Chris was stabbed to death in 2003 - has asked me to point people at her anti-violence group and some related links and video content.

First, here's her 'Stop the Stabbings' video, produced for the UK government's Home Office:

Join the Mothers Against Violence North East Facebook group.

Also, I'm adding MAVNE to the resource section of this blog.

Here's the note from Theresa:

"Hi Mark, just had a quick look on your blog page. I found it to be very good, don't know how I haven't seen it before. My name's Theresa Cave (Mothers against Violence North East) and I wondered if you would add us to your page.

"Please take a look at the groups page and other groups I have also gone too. I have campaigned against knife crime since 2003 when I lost my son to the knife aged 17.

"It is a long hard fight which I feel needs more attention now more than ever although it has dropped ever so slightly of late in this area. I would like to know more about your work if it is possible and would like to invite you to see the campaign video that I did for the Home Office in the 'It Doesnt Have To Happen' campaign last year.

"The video is on YouTube Home Office site under 'Stop the Stabbings'. I also did the radio ad that is out now nationally.

"I feel very deeply on the subject and would welcome any advice / help you can offer me. I work around with youth in schools, colleges and uni and also have talked in attendance centres and the likes.

"If you know of any youth groups / organisations that would like me to visit them please let me know as distance to me is not an issue but getting the word across is a big one. Thanks for your time - hope to hear from you - bye, Theresa Cave."

And for your info, here's my reply. If anyone else is interested in posting information about their groups here, feel free to contact me:

"Hi Theresa - I'm just posting some info about your group on my blog - Do add a link to the blog from your site - it all helps get the word round etc.

"It is always upsetting when people get in touch about the death of a loved one from knife crime or other violence. I'm deeply sorry you lost Chris to this knife scourge we seem to be plagued with.

"I started this blog as a memorial to Jacky Marshall, a McDonalds manager I went to help when she was fatally stabbed on a Saturday lunchtime at Chichester. I also hoped - and still work to achieve - that the site could develop into a useful vehicle for effecting positive change in a UK culture seemingly obsessed by violence, at least at times.

"My time is limited and I do what I can. It's a gradual, drip, drip, drip approach. Personally, I think the campaign work you describe is excellent - by pressing on the way you have been is all about being part of 'the solution'. Don't wear yourself out, remember to conserve your energy as you chip away.

"As I come across people, groups, news, networks, initiatives etc I add the information to this blog. Keep an eye on it - sign up to regular emails in the box on the right hand side of the blog. I'll certainly point people in your direction, as and when.

"My mum's family are all from the north east - I know Redcar quite well and my Gran lives in Staithes, near Whitby! Small world! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

"Best wishes, Mark."

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  1. Hi My Grandaughter recently returned to live with us after suffering from intense intimidation of the gang culture that seems to go hand in hand with the school attitude in response to her mothers appeal for support, she was told by a teacher that 'Children have to learn to stand up for themselves' I think this explains a lot about why Nottingham got its title of Britains Gun capitol. Why don't the minesters who have decided to target mothers as the key also recognise that schools also have a responsibility to educate about social behaviour. America has a problem wityh guns but at least they gave a constant standard with there 2003 ruling about Feral behaviour thats something we need here as well


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