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Monday, March 16, 2009

Press request for female crime victims

A journalist has contacted me asking for help with violent crime-related stories involving females and court action... If you're interested in helping, you need to get back to me this week please.

"Hi Mark,

"My name's Ash and I hope you don't mind me contacting you like this, but I'm a freelance journalist who writes "real life" stories for women's magazines and as you write a knife crime blog, wondered whether any of your contacts might be interested in sharing their stories of being victims of/related to victims of violent crime?

"I appreciate that sharing their personal story in the press is not something that suits everybody, but in case it's something people you know would consider, I've written up more details below.

"If anyone would like to share their story in one of the publications I write for, then please be assured that an article would be written up really sensitively. They would have copy approval (meaning you can add/amend the final article) and would be paid generously for sharing their story. They would also be able to raise awareness of any charity or organisation they wish through the article.

"I'm also happy to email you copies of my printed work, as proof that I am who I say I am (as I know some people are wary of people contacting them via the internet).

"My editors are currently looking for female survivors/family members of female victims who have taken their attackers to court and have secured a guilty verdict. Do you think you may be able to send this message out to any of your other contacts?

"Hope to hear from you soon, if this is something you might be interested in. Thanks so much. Ash"

Please contact me via the 'Comments' link below if you are interested in contacting Ash. Just type me a message and leave me your contact details - none of this information you send me will be published on the blog.

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  1. stephanie matiyosus13/03/2011, 22:06

    My name is stephanie matiyosus and my daughter chantel matiyosus was murdered by gang members april 25 2009 in brockton massachusetts she was shot coming home from a baby shower. chantel was 16 years old. They were set up persons at the party called fo the people to come and kill herboyfriend and they said after the shooting chantel was a bouns. The gang had metings to kill her or her boyfriend chantel wasent gang affiliated her boyfriend just hung out with his friends he had hung out with his whole life ... we are tring hard to stop this please help anyway you can.


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