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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Contact any or all MPs with this e-tool

Do you want to tell the people elected to sort out this country to increase their efforts? The anti-violence group, MAMAA (Mothers Against Murder And Aggression), has just discovered a very quick and easy way to message every MP in the United Kingdom.

If you have a current cause or campaign - such as knife crime or any other - this free and easy to use tool will simplify and ensure that every Member of Parliament is aware of it.

Called the Parliamentary Megaphone, it allows you to send a message to one, some or all MPs in one go using your email address - which enables replies to be sent to you.

Useful way to communicate with those that should be pressing for work, change and action to cure our problems and improve our society. Hope this doesn't get shut down because it gets too popular!

(Someone contacted me anonymously to highlight this is a tool that should be credited to equality charity Men's Aid. Happy to do so. Not sure why s/he wanted to be anonymous but that comment is attached to this post.)


  1. Discovered? lol

    That site is run by the equality charity Men's Aid, nothing to do with Mothers Against Murder And Aggression at all. At least give credit where it's due if you're going to use other organisations resources.

  2. We would like to point out that at no time have we suggested this site has anything to do with us. We have just discovered it online and found it extremely useful. As the link clearly shows it is a free tool provided by Mens Aid for which we applaud them. MAMAA share information with all and any bodies involved in violent crime, an attitude, which if adopted by all would have meant we would have had use of this tool much sooner. I hope your anonymous blogger is happy with this response.

    Kate Whaley


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