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Saturday, May 23, 2009

MP ignores anti-knife crime campaign

MPs (Members of Parliament) are a very strange breed - and the way the one below showed virtually zero interest in anti-knife campaign work is a proof point to me that there seems little point in voting for these people. I wonder if there's a better way than pinning hopes on unreliable parts of humanity like this. Not worth voting for anyway.

Anyway, to explain, I got in touch with Danny O'Brien, a leader of the Miles Not Knives Campaign (see earlier post), after he mentioned on Facebook that Ilford MP Mike Gapes didn't give him the time of day on an anti-knife crime petition he was organising. Here's Danny's account:

"Mike Gapes is the Labour MP for Ilford and this week I was in the town centre doing my anti-knife petition stall in the town centre.

"I will admit that yesterday was a poor day with only 76 people only signing the petition, but during the afternoon I saw Mr Gapes walking past my stall and I asked if he would back our knife campaign by signing the petition. But he told me "No" as he never signs petitions and just carried on walking not even showing any interest in the campaign.

"I was very suprised that somebody who works for my town could just walk past. I will admit that I did shout out to him that I bet he was quick to sign for his expenses."

I'm sending a copy of this post to various Ilford news media. Here's hoping they follow up this issue with the right honourable gentlemen and we can all be 'honoured' with this MP's time on an important matter which he's shown to be unwilling to give.


  1. Please support the causes to either change the law to minimum 20 for all those sentence to 'life
    A life sentence to start at a minimum of 20 years

    Re-instate capital punishment

  2. Strange if an MP doesn't support petitions, especially one as important as Danny's.


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