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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New anti-stab knives - coming soon!

anti-stab knife invented by John Cornock
Congratulations to John Cornock, inventor of the new anti-stab knife set to go on sale across the UK before Christmas (can't it be sooner...). Wonder how many lives it could save?

It makes sense for all anti-knife and knife crime campaigners to lead a push to encourage all households to replace kitchen blades with this type of new knife - and perhaps other types of blade too. What does everyone think?

Take a look at John's company website -

While not completely safe, this one has been designed over four years to work in the kitchen, but not be effective as a weapon.

By utilising a unique "combination tip", the tip has a rounded edge (much like my thoughts referred to in a knife crime blog post a couple of years ago) next to a very small point, the cutting blade sits below the blunt area.

Great for chopping veg, the tip makes stabbing quite difficult and it is designed to snag on clothing and skin. Apparently this makes it "very unlikely to inflict a fatal wound" - and tests have proven it to work.

Want to know more about how these stab resistant knives work? Read about the anti-stab design. Some more anti-stab knife info here at The Times Online. Some readers say it's ridiculous but I think it has potential, a step in the right direction. Here's hoping...!


  1. Sorry, guys, I am unimpressed. You might only stab me 'a little bit' with this implement but it remains a blade.

    It's not knives that injure people. Excluding accidents, it's the malicious motivation of the people using them. Redesigning a kitchen utensil, clever though it appears, does not really address the serious problem of use with criminal intent.
    Finally, to the blog administrator, does this post (which looks like an advert to me) belong in this blog?

  2. One of the issues I had long thought about was making a knife that could function as a household utensil but could not kill. I had previously suggested making knives with rounded ends. A couple of years later, here it is. I'm not saying it's a key solution in the knife crime debate - but I believe it is a step in the right direction, if only a small step.

    Only time will tell perhaps. There is the danger it will become a white elephant that no-one will buy - but it's worth a try. Why shouldn't retail outlets selling knives be forced to sell safer round-ended blades and not lethal points?

    The reason I've made this post is not as an advert but to shine the spotlight of public exposure on an idea. It is just one of many posts and joins an ever-growing list of posts on this blog about the knife crime scourge.

    I'm not vain enough to think my opinion will change the face of knife sales in the high street but I'd rather people bought one of these knives than one that can kill.

  3. I agree with the 1st poster its the 'malicious motivation of the people using them' that kills.
    A 'blunt'piece of string around a neck can do the job just as well.

    Perhaps its just another way of making money fuelled through peoples fear - like all else within the crime-related industries. (insurance companies,law firms and the sorts).
    Nice idea though for general household accident prevention.

  4. I'm sorry guys, I'm afraid I'm going to agree with St. Anley. Thinking that knives kill people is akin to thinking that spoons make people fat. A knife is a tool, just as garden spades, shovels, pitch forks, screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, etc. In fact, if I had to use one of the above as a weapon, I'd choose a spade. It is the will to kill that produces killings and that will can make an effective weapon of nearly anything, including your blunt tip knife which could surely cut someone's throat.

  5. I took four freak'n years to design THAT... sigh!

  6. What happens when the anti-stab kitchen knife is used as a slashing weapon? At that point do you intend to make and market an anti-slash kitchen knife or do you then realize this whole line of reasoning is flawed?

    What's next? Tethering the now useless kitchen knife with a very short length of chain to a several hundred pound chopping block thereby preventing the cook from efficiently mashing food that otherwise would have been chopped or sliced if only they were allowed an edged tool?

    Or perhaps a specially trained and bonded kitchen knife transport team will be dispatched when needed with a blade to be used only by a trained chopping specialist in your kitchen instead of allowing the cook to touch a bladed implement?


  7. I'm from the USA, so excuse my cowboyish perspective, but it seems to me that all I need to make sure I don't get stabbed with my own knife in my own home is a gun with a trigger lock. Until someone invents a knife that can cut through a bedroom door faster than I can unlock my gun, I think I'll have the home-court advantage.

  8. I could still cut your throat with it.

  9. At an angle, the point beneath the round edge would still penetrate the flesh, and dragging it down to open the cut to insert the whole knife into the body to pierce internal organs would still work.

    I agree with the first poster. It's not the tool that kills. No matter how you design it, there will be a way to kill someone with it.

  10. Why not just encase everyones fists with foam so nobody can kill by punching? Thats pretty much the same principle your using with this so called "knife".

    I cant believe people still struggle to understand this. The items criminals use to inflict harm are not the issue, the desire to cause harm in the first place is what we should be trying to combat. Yes we could treat the good, law abiding people of this country like babies, and force every retail outlet to only sell these, but all it would take for a criminal is a couple of minutes with an angle grinder, and voila, one fully functioning stabbing implement. As the long as people are willing to harm others, they will find a way to do it regardless of the law.

    I for one will not be wasting my money on this rediculous "nanny state approved cutting implement". Ill stick with my real knives thank you.

  11. You penises, the point is that a lot of domestic arguments end up with one of the involved picking up an knife in the heat of the moment and stabbing out in rage; if the knives weren't fatal instruments it would remove this risk. One day one of you might feel a whole lot differently about this as your narrow minded views finally cause your crack whore partner to whirl around from slicing the ham and bury the carving knife to the hilt in you. No-one is saying that it will stop premeditated murder, for which you are as unlikely to choose a 'safe' knife as you are a spoon. Credit to the guy for taking a thought further, why make knives any other way.

    1. Because these knives are ugly and probably poorly made in comparison to other manufacturers. I will not buy these knives even if proper knives are made illegal.

    2. Do you know why people grab knives during domestic arguments? because they're capable of killing. It's why they don't grab spoons. So the blunt tip will just ensure the raging person will find another fatal instrument... an extension cord or any type of bludgeon. Trust me, people in prison can make a blade from anything. This only ensures you have a less effective knife that can still cut your throat.

      Use reason instead of emotions, and you'll be much more effective in life.

  12. This knife is actually stirring up my curiosity. I think it wouldn't seriously hurt anyone but I don't believe that it will leave you completely unhurt from stabbing.


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