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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anti-stab knife - useless or useful?

Thought I would highlight a mini-debate happening on this blog about the anti-stab knife invention.

Theresa Cave, a prominent campaigner against violence, says the following:

"As a mother who's lost a child to knife crime and who is now quite experienced working to tackle the problem in communities, I find it ridiculously believable, sadly and in a cynical way, that it's quite possible this anti-stab knife would be used somehow as an alternative weapon to 'ordinary' stabbings.

"It could become a new, fashionable way to injure victims, slashing people to frighten them rather than kill.

"For instance, suppose a druggie owes money to a dealer, the dealer can introduce the 'slasher' anti-stab weapon here.

"It reminds me of the days when some violent people used to use a Stanley knife but with two blades in it, separated by a two pence piece. The effect was devastating, making an unstitch-able slash. I believe it was nicknamed the 'Chelsea Smile' :-( !!"

Theresa runs an anti-violence website and Facebook group - the Chris Cave Foundation (set up in memory of her son) dedicated to her campaigning.

Her comments are food for thought. You can read the rest of the debate by visiting the earlier anti-stab knife post.

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