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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mum continues to struggle with her son's killing

Following on from my post about Peter Hollywood, Lorraine Kelly (the mum of son Jamie killed by this murderer) wrote to me and says:

"This evil man Hollywood was double my son's age and double his size. He didn't kill my son alone - he had a big crew with blades but unfortunately only one other was charged - Jonathan Mcdonald - and he was set free."

She said there were others - a total of nine in all - who helped kill her son but they were set free due to lack of evidence from that tragic day on September 14, 2009.

"It killed me too... my life's over without my son," she said.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Candlelight memorial vigil in London at 4pm today

Was asked to post this...

Dear Victims Families and Individuals

I am writing to inform you of a candlelight vigil, which is taking place in the memory of Mohammed and Haider Ali (the two brothers who lost there life to knife crime on the 21st April 2006) which will be taking place this Sunday 23rd May 2010 at 4.00pm on Fircroft Road, Tooting Bec, London SW17.

Fircroft Road is two minutes distant from Tooting Bec underground station (Northern Line).

I am aware this is very short notice, but your attendance and support for the family would be much appreciated as the Ali family are still seeking justice for the loss of their only two sons, Mohammed (25) and Haider (24).

Losing one child to murder is horrendous, but two in one night, how does one cope with this?

I would be grateful if you would confirm attendance by duly acknowledging my email. If you have any queries please contact me on 07960947075.

Thank you in advance for your quick response.

Yours truly

Iffat Rizvi

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grief, anguish and agony when a loved one is killed

Death... when a partner, son, daughter, friend or other relative is killed by knife crime or gun crime, it is clear the grieving and agony of that loss remains forever.

Sometimes spending time in Facebook knife crime groups, I came across the terrible and horrific death of 18-year-old Jamie Kelly. His mum asked me to add a blog post about his killer, Peter Hollywood. Words cannot describe the depravity of this man - the way he stabbed Jamie is just not human.

Lorraine said: "I hope you do name and shame this man who took my son brutally with pure pleasure doing it. This man brutally killed my only child - he stabbed him 18 times ... How sick is this man? All my son was trying to do was stop a friend being stabbed. This fatty was with a huge crew of older men with blades. He tried to blag the court that Jamie was in a gang with blades."

Peter Hollywood, killer (aged 33) - a nasty disposition, surely...

You can join a Facebook group demanding justice for Jamie - aka Bumper, and you can read more about Lorraine's grieving and suffering after her son's knife crime death in a Wirral News interview.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Knife crime and anti-gun campaigning in the USA

ANTI-KNIFE and gun crime campaigning mums in the UK and the USA linked up this week to keep alive the memories of their murdered children - and to keep pressing for weapons to better controlled.
Pictures of young people Chris Cave and Bonnie Barrett - the son and daughter of Theresa Cave and Jackie Barrett - were carried in a 'Million Mom March' in the Bronx, New York City.
Details of the march can be found in press coverage found online including in an ABC News site and the New York Daily News.
New York resident Allison Diehl-Wilhite sent a touching message to UK mums Theresa and Jackie after the march, saying:

“The march was wonderful and so powerful. We were interviewed by the New York Post and the Mott Hill Courant. When we see the paper we will post them and send to you both. Chris, Bonnie and Jeremiah's pictures will be in them.

“They were so surprised to find they were from the UK and that it was their mothers who loved me while I wanted to die and brought me to a place where I could begin to heal.

“Spoke how strong you are and how you are such influential advocators there for justice.

“The woman who started the New York Chapter wants me to start a chapter here in Connecticutt. There is no chapter here.

“It scares me but i have you as such a powerful example. I love you. If you don't mind they asked about all three of their stories and I spoke on them some. I hope it was ok.

“I also spoke of the Chris Cave Foundation and F.A.M.E. and how you have taught me to fight for justice.

“I don't know if they will print it all but I will post the paper and send to you.

“I really feel like Chris, Bonnie and Jeremiah are with each other and very strong in friendship. Happy Mothers Day....all my love to you.”

Knife and gun crime campaigning is international with grief and tragedy affecting so many in different ways. Join the peaceful fight to stop the killing, to stop weapons use. Do not pass by on the other side. Victory will come to the decent people of the world.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Campaigning rally demanding full 'life' jail sentences for criminals

A march to rally anti-crime (knife, gun, violence) supporters who demand that 'life' jail sentences must mean 'life' is being held tomorrow (May 3rd - bank holiday Monday).

Campaigning group Families Fighting for Justice has organised the meeting. Here's how they describe the event on their anti-crime Facebook group:

"We have organised a massive march a few days before the general election in London. We want every organisation and individuals to come together as one. Knife crime, gun crime no matter what.
"We will be shouting for 'life to mean life' for murder and manslaughter. Please now is the time to make your voice heard you must join us for the mother of all marches to stand together and say STOP STEALING OUR CHILDREN, we want Justice we want the respect for human life to be put back also the deterrent to then make this country be a country to be proud of as it once was.
"We want as many of you to gather within your own communities to arrange this trip to London - the more voices there the better. The message will be put across, united we stand. It is no good just thinking what is wrong but to do something about what you think and know to be true. All carry your loved ones photo with you, or the name of your organisation, or just come along as you are, wear t shirts with your loved ones photo on. Show we have had enough.
"Do not wait for it to knock on your door before you do anything because then it will be too late for you and your family, we do not want anymore families in this dark place where we are now.
"We need all of your actions putting into words - we need the masses to march and show we are a country who will stand united, united for peace.
"So we do not have much time as we want to march before the election so get going on getting together to meet.
"We will be meeting at the Victoria embankment nr the Temple tube station at 2pm. and walking to Westminster. There, a guest speaker and other speakers (families of murder victims) will say a few words.
"We are meeting up afterwards at the Novotel hotel, Kings Cross road (five mins away from Euston) for a drink or two, everyone welcome."