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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Graham Showell and growing numbers of gun supporters...

With reference to Graham Showell's comments and supporters etc (recently made and being added on this post about his appearance on a BBC programme), people are always welcome to submit a full blog post (rather than just sometimes smaller comments). Feel free to post it in a comment box - I'll copy and paste it as a main post subsequently, as time allows (though I'm not giving here a blanket agreement for such posts to always be published... it will have to be reviewed for possible publication).

In Graham's case, post after post about the same topic cannot continue indefinitely. A line will have to be drawn at some point. But if the debate is furthered by posts and comments, I plan to continue to publish what's submitted.

Quite a few commenters on this blog worry they won't be published. Provided comments are not spam or abusive, make no sense, are just plain bonkers etc, there's no reason why you wouldn't be published. In a nutshell, they just need to be reasonable. This blog can be a debating-type place, not a censorous environment. That said, I've just rejected two comments which were blatant advertorial for weapons. As this is an anti-weapon place, such advertorial isn't welcome.

This is a part-time task for me (though I would like to spend longer on it), set up in memory of Jackie Marshall who was stabbed and passed away in my arms in a McDonalds restaurant at Chichester, West Sussex. This blog is pro-peace and anti-knife and gun crime. Most, if not all my opinions, are based around that premise.

Trust that helps. Contact me as you need. In due course, I'll aim to get back to you.

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  1. I have read many of your posts with interest. Having been shooting for nearly 20 years, I am somewhat perplexed by how the sentiments against illegal firearms and their use are too often bundled with the lawful ownership of firearms and the legal uses thereof. This is not a specific criticism of your writing, but a general observation of the material available online.

    I own a number of firearms, each with its own purpose. I do not advocate "open ownership" or believe that there is justification for people who go outside the law to acquire a gun.

    You state that you are pro-peace and against gun/knife crime (as am I) - I would be interested to learn your feelings on lawful ownership and use of firearms, and how best you feel we may tackle the rising levels of violent crime that prohibitive legislation has failed to address.


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