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Saturday, February 26, 2011

'Man Down'... Rihanna sings gun crime...

Leading R&B songstress Rihanna's evocative track about a killer shooting a man in Central Station, New York, is a powerful number.

While annoying that the Barbadian singer seems to focus on the feelings of the killer (victims ignored yet again), it is an excellent musical piece that creates a picture in your mind of mindless killing and a human story around it.

Some of the 'Man Down' lyrics for meditation...

I didn't mean to end his life 
I know it wasn't right 
I cant even sleep at night 
Cant get it off my mind 
I need to get out of sight 
Before I end up behind bars 

What started out as a simple altercation 
Turned into a real sticky situation 
Me just thinking on the time that I'm facing 
Makes me wanna cry 

Cause I didn't mean to hurt him 
Coulda been somebody's son 
And I took his heart when 
I pulled out that gun 

Man Down 

It's a 22 
I Call her Peggy Sue 
When she fits right down in my shoe
What do you expect me to do 
If you're playing me for a fool 
I will lose my cool 
And reach for my firearm 

I didn't mean to lay him down 
But its too late to turn back now 
Don't know what I was thinking 
Now he's no longer living 
So I'm about to leave town 

Cause I didn't mean to hurt him 
Coulda been somebody's son 
And I took his heart when 
I pulled out that gun 

Look I never thought I'd do it 
Never thought I'd do it 
Never thought I'd do it 

Oh gosh 
What ever happened to me 

Why did I pull the trigger 
Pull the trigger pull the trigger BOOM 
And end a nigga, end a nigga's life so soon 
When me pull the trigger, pull the trigger, pull it 'pon you 
Somebody tell me what I'm gonna what I'm gonna do 

Mi say wah man down (a weh mi say) 
When me went downtown 

Cause now I'm a criminal criminal criminal 
Oh Lord a mercy now I am a criminal 

Man Down 

Tell the judge please gimme minimal 
Run out a town none a dem cah see me now 

Oh mama mama mama

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tom Cave tv interview in memory of his brother

TOP anti-knife crime interview on tv today for you to watch - young Tom Cave from Sheffield (a previous contributor to this blog) pressed home some peaceful points including the importance of putting down knives. His interview comes some seven years after the tragic loss of his brother, Chris Cave, in a stabbing incident.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

the People Against Gun And Knife Crime (PAGAKC) - video shoot

JUST a few words on the PAGAKC music video shoot... taking up an invite from music producer Desire Mcneish to participate in this anti-violence group event in the east end of London (Hanbury Street, E1).

I'm going to try to update this post with more reflections and observations etc when time allows - but important to say the focus was on conveying strong anti-knife and anti-gun message, using music to try to influence anyone thinking of carrying weapons.

London's Guardian Angels were part of the cast, as were young people from a group called Youths Against Crime.

"Put down the gunz, put down the knives" runs the beat-y, rap-py number. While it's overtones are perhaps scary or sinister sounding at first hearing, it's message is loud and full of bass: "Stop Killing!". You can hear "Put down the gunz" on youtube by clicking here.

Desire, who indicated he has experience as a gang member, has big dreams: to see knife and gun crime tackled making videos like the PAGAKC one this weekend.

Guardian Angels on set with Desire Mcneish as he directs the action 

Rich people in their polished Audi stop to ask about the video

Youths Against Crime: Cool poses to support PAGAKC

Looking forward to seeing the video; can't see it getting an Oscar, but hearts are in the right place and we're trying to make a difference against knife and gun crime... what are you doing?