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Sunday, June 05, 2011

'Put Down The Gunz' - and knives - track gains support

DESIRE Mcneish's 'Put Down the Gunz' - and knives - campaign record is tapping into a huge groundswell of support from people who want to tackle the gun and knife crime scourge affecting the nation.

Initial filming for a video to accompany the heavy rap-beat track was first featured on this blog earlier this year (see previous post here).

It is fair to say Desire has been ceaseless organising workshops and filming across the country among many groups and individuals opposed to gun and knife crime. It has been quite a massive 'tour' of the UK for Desire as he has worked to generate interest in the track.

Just now, it is in first place of a Mqusic competition. You can vote for the track by clicking through on the banner in this post.

Vote for DESIRE MCNEISH at MQusic
Current position: 2

Desire describes himself as a UK rapper, singer, DJ, producer, reformed gang member, and founder of People Against Gun And Knife Crime (Pagakc).

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Knife Crime blog on Facebook

I've set up a dedicated identity for this knife crime blog on Facebook at

It makes a great deal of sense because it now establishes a Facebook group where people have an instant place where they can meet others who have suffered the grief and pain as victims - or friends and families - of those who've lost loved ones. It is also a meeting place for anyone who's simply been affected by knife crime, gun crime and other violence. (And there will not be so much other Facebook trivia that might be distracting or unhelpful.)

Look forward to seeing you there. And don't forget, if you have issues to raise, an account you'd like to share, let me know... through the Facebook account ( or via this blog.

Best wishes, let's keep the knife crime, gun crime, anti-violence campaign torch burning...

Mark Chapman.