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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Consider me human before you stab me

What goes through people's minds when thinking on stabbing someone? Intense desire to 'stop' the victim, to be the powerful hunter rather than the fleeing hunted, some fleeting warped sense of control?

Well, if you're thinking about using a knife to wound or kill, sticking the knife in, try thinking about the person, the human being, before deciding a knife attack will solve something.

I was struck by the lyrics of a record, from quite a few years ago, with lyrics that value human life...

Consider me firstly
A human sound.
Consider me
More to wonder at than pass by,
(or to stab)
More to treasure than justify.
Consider me moving,
Easily moved.
Consider me
More to celebrate than decry,
More to love than to deny.
(or to kill)

Consider me equally different,
Consider me beautifully plain.
Suffering to flower
(pretty much all of us struggle in this life)
But dreaming of rain.
Consider me easily outnumbered
(when chased by a gang)
But certainly sane.
Picture me sleeping
And dreaming of rain.

Consider me wanting,
Keen to give.
Consider me
More to recognise than dismiss,
More to be than this.
(no-one deserves to be stabbed)

- written by Billy Franks / Lee Hirons, played by Faith Brothers

You can click here to hear an excerpt of 'Consider Me'; think it captures the essence of living. No-one deserves to be stabbed.


  1. Sorry but a song is not going to prevent anyone from being murdered at the hands of a thug. The only thing that will prevent that is allowing the law abiding public to carry arms for personal protection. These pathetic "gangstas" will think twice before targeting an innocent member of the public if there is a chance that the latter is carrying a .44. Its time to empower the good citizens of this country who have for too long been unarmed and completely at the mercy of thugs who are armed because they dont obey any restrictions on weapons and never will. The current "nanny state" approach is not working and it never will.

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  3. A song doesn't seem much, you maybe right JHutchison. This blog is mere words yet over time has affected hearts and minds. I'm lacking time to be more 'hands on', but people have thanked me sometimes. My view has always been to not allow weapons full stop. People should get along peacefully - life is difficult and short enough at times without getting into violence and knife / gun / gang crime etc.


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