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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knife crime statistics show drop - and then Xmas came...

IT SEEMED like better news at the start of this December - a 16% fall was recorded in numbers of criminals who were sentenced or received cautions for carrying knives and offensive weapons.

However, now we stare in dismay at news headlines about the brutal gang-style slaying of Seydou Diarrassouba in London's Oxford Street and other Christmas stabbing murders in Liverpool (Gaynor McGlyn), Rochdale (John Lee Barrett), Nottinghamshire (Gillian Woodward), Sheffield (Joshua Green) and Hackney, London's east end (Kirsty Treloar) - and I saw another knife murder was committed in Portland in the south west of England (Martin Rusling). And then there's the shooting in Salford of Anuj Bidve and mass shootings of three people at Peterlee (Susan McGoldrick, Alison Turnbull and her niece Tanya, and Laura McGoldrick).

What gets into the mind of these mind-numbing killers :'-(  ??

(Stop press:  I've started to lose count of the number of stabbings being reported at Christmas 2011, most of them fatal; it's horrendous and terrifying - Chris Bergin, Catherine Wynter, Scott Cooke, Bronius Juras, Walter Keeling... This must be stopped but how...?)

Latest knife crime data from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ):

Official knife crime statistics showed that between July and September 2011, there were 5,466 offences reported by police compared to a higher figure of 6,490 over the same three months in 2009.

The MoJ said offences by adults had fallen from 5,237 to 4,561 (13% less) while the drop in numbers of juveniles seems to have been much more significant with those caught carrying knives and weapons dropping from 1,253 to 904 (28% decrease).

In addition, numbers of knife criminals imprisoned upon conviction of possession of blades or offensive weapons stood at 21%, the lowest figure since Q2 in 2008 when tougher court sentences were implemented to tackle knife crime.

  • In Scotland, Tories claim knife-related murders have increased to a ten-year high with one-in-six court convicted knife crime offenders failing to be jailed.

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  1. Knife crime stats would have dropped but we still witnessed some gruesome murders that took innocent lives. Either they were rivalry or hate crime all of them took human lives.


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