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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby boomers blamed for societal problems by Harvard

Since this blog started, posts and comment posters have banged on about an amoral / immoral, profit-only business world - led by self-obsessed baby boomers - being at least partly responsible for killing society, giving people little to aspire to - and leading some to take to crime, even knife crime (see this post, for instance: Business is killing security and happiness in our society).

Interesting then to see the message getting through to the educational heartlands of business... business writers and lecturers at Harvard now seem to be getting the point - read here about their call for more responsible corporate leadership.

Here's an excerpt:

As the New Year approaches, people will be making resolutions to eat better, exercise more, get that promotion at work, or spend more time with their families. While these are worthwhile goals, we have a more important challenge for young people: Think seriously about your development as a leader.
These are tough times. Many leaders of the baby boomer generation have failed in their responsibilities by placing their self-interest ahead of their organizations. In so doing, they have failed to serve society's best interests. As a result, more young leaders from Gen X and the Millennials are being asked to take on major leadership responsibilities.

It seems wrong and unfair that it is the young who must be relied upon to work god knows how much harder to correct the fatal errors of the baby boom generation. Hopefully at least some of those old and shamed past generations will see the error of their ways and offer some support... especially financial (instead of hanging on to their ill-gotten gains like some kind of Sheriff of Nottingham)... to ensure this world economic mess we are in is sorted out for the greater good.

Will this 'new thinking' rub off on the careerist, pompous, ego-driven, self-serving politicians (easily bought by lobbyists), the greedy and self-interested, the power-crazed? We wait, with some impatience, to see change in profit-only cultures in corporations and companies.

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