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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ben Kinsella celebrity gala evening "to put the knives away"

WHAT are you doing on the evening of Monday June 25th (this month)? Does your diary or calendar show anything on? Just check it now... go on.

Why not think about having a great night out while donating to the campaign against knife crime?

While enjoying a night of fun and celebrity, you can help make a difference to the sometimes lawless streets and homes of Britain.

**STOP PRESS: You can now buy tickets for this special evening by visiting the tid music website here.

The night is designed to help raise money for The Ben Kinsella Trust (see

Helping organise the event, actress Brooke Kinsella and sister Jade are planning a trek to Peru's Machu Picchu mountain ridge to lay a stone for brother Ben who was stabbed and died when he was aged 16.

The commemorative act is planned for October 27 this year marking Ben's 21st birthday had he been alive today.
See event details 'full size' by clicking poster
Comedian and tv show host Alan Carr will MC at the celebrity gala evening to be held at Gilgamesh, The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH.
Alan Carr to host The Ben Kinsella Trust gala evening
Entertainment will be provided by Jaz Ellington from The Voice UK, Lemar and The West End Cast of We Will Rock You, Damage - with music by Pete Tong plus a 'Special Guest'.

Tickets are priced at £130 and £100 for (slightly) restricted view.

A truly great event to support - and help persuade people to stop carrying knives, to put the knives away.

There are many examples these days of strong and powerful campaigns, creative, design, writing and activities in the UK today that focus on preventing knife and other violent crime

Probably one of the more effective is The Ben Kinsella Trust.

If you've not looked through the Trust's website (or Facebook pages), and I mean really looked through it, go on and take a look.

View the videos, study the photos and the messages, observe the positive work underway to try to make a difference to the knife crime menace that seems to pervade this nation at times.

Aftermath of knife crimes

The Kinsella family, friends and associates are more public living examples of what happens after a knife crime event. They have been through the tragedy, devastation and many other lows as they try to move on from a killing of a loved one. (And there are also some suffering in private, perhaps alone, and without the comfort of hearing from people who understand suffering; they may need reaching more than others.)

Reading through some of the Ben Kinsella coverage, the following incident causes one to reflect how the impact of knife crime goes on a long time after a fatal attack.

Here's a reflection about one incident to have affected the Kinsellas...

Brooke + Jade Kinsella
If of sound mind, you'd think you'd just want to keep a low profile if involved in killing someone. You'd think the shame and guilt would get to you. But of course, perhaps these minds are not quite that sound.

Imagine that's why Jade Braithwaite one of those convicted of the murder of Ben Kinsella started using Facebook while in prison to say: "I'm down but not out" and posted a photo of a t-shirt with 'Free Jade' emblazoned on it (see this Jade Braithwaite 'using Facebook in jail' media coverage).

No words necessary to describe how much most people would be sickened at that. People don't want to hear that rubbish; they are more likely looking for at least some regret for a wrong action. Forgiving killers so full of themselves isn't really on the agenda when they start spouting about their 'ego' and nothing about the life they have taken away.

This is just one example of how the aftermath of a knife crime murder (or maiming) can devastate and continue to hurt those affected by murderers who take (or damage) people's lives in a moment and wound the victim's loved ones for the rest of their lifetimes.

Think about attending the Trek For Ben Celebrity Gala Evening, or simply donating to The Ben Kinsella Trust. You just might help prevent suffering, save a life... maybe many. These are good things to do.


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