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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Knife crime incidents in past 7 days...

JUST look at the sheer scale of stabbings carried out across this nation... here's a screenshot of some of the many knife crime-related incidents and stories in the past seven days that can be fitted into one screenshot (when you click on the image, you will be able to view the list clearly).

Seven long days of misery and suffering:

Knife crimes for 1 week June 2012

Stabbings in past week, early June 2012

Alarming knife crime statistics - and must leave many thinking how to combat such a menace threatening each of us, our loved ones, people young and old. There are many campaigning to try to contain this violence, to try to squeeze this scourge on our society into a bottle and put a lid on it that never comes off.

Are you able to do something to stop blades being used in your home town, your streets, places you hang out, your criminal associate, on friends and innocent people you know, your youth clubs, schools, colleges, universities?

Got to be worth a try - it's your country... do you really want lawlessness and fear of killing and injury to haunt you all your life? No, we don't - somehow, got to stop this death and destruction... Onwards...

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