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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Olympic Games help for those hurt by violent crime

How do you move on after a loved one, a friend, a relative, has been killed - stabbed to death or shot? Or perhaps badly maimed or disabled for life? I'm not sure if the video here will help - but it made me think it is similar for many who have been affected by violence.

Life seems to be going ok, you're gearing up for some good things ahead. Then - out of the blue - you suffer a most devastating loss, someone kills a loved one.

Filled with immense pain and confusion, you crumple to the floor... can't go on. You lie there, bewildered, suffering, struggling to come to terms with such loss, deep grief, sorrow impossible to put into words.

And then, after much time has passed, you start to think about getting up.

Derek Redmond, British athlete - badly injured but not out

In this video, a ordinary man, trained as an athlete, goes through all this in the spotlight of the Olympic Games. He breaks down in front of tens of thousands, gets up, sobs with pain, intense pain... he could be you struggling with grief, confusion, loss, hurt. Someone comes to help him (his father) and he carries on - but still in pain.

Life seemed ok up to that point. Watch the video if you think it might help; it's timely because it's connected to the Olympics - but it could be you, your family or friends trying to deal with loss.

Maybe it will help you carry on when life deals a hard blow, so painful you fall to the ground in tears and pain. I hope it can reach you, can help you, can comfort you...

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