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Saturday, November 10, 2012

LEST we forget... names of knife crime victims 'litter' the UK

REMEMBRANCE Sunday is this weekend. As well as armed conflict there have been, as many know, thousands killed on UK streets and homes by acts of illegal urban violence... many more than numbers who have died on some modern battlefields and 'theatres of war', in fact.

On this blog at this time we remember Jackie Marshall in whose memory this website was set up to try to change the awful mentality, causes and events that lead to knife crime.

How much real success has there been...? I'm left wondering but there is healthier climate of awareness and education underway to tackle knife crime these days, helped hugely by the many anti-knife crime campaigners out there.

Fixed up on a wall in the Mcdonalds restaurant at Chichester Gate where Jackie was killed back in April 2005 there is marble-type plaque. It sits there overlooking the spot where she was stabbed by assailant Shane Freer and where I held her until the ambulance staff arrived.

The plaque has a poem carved out in Jackie's memory by Samm Gillett:

In memory of Jacky Marshall
Customer Care Manager

A true friend to all, who always took care of the little things

Every moment you graced the lobby floor someone was touched and so much more

You were welcoming, supportive and inspirational

You were affectionate, joyful and sensational

You were genuine, devoted and big hearted

You will be missed dearly departed

Jackie Marshall - Stabbed at Mcdonalds restaurant, Chichester

(You can read more about Jackie on this blog. Use the search box at top of this page or check some of the archived posts about her.)

Knife crime... stabbings... shootings... fighting... British violence... world conflict... how are you making a difference to change things for the better? Really, what are you doing? You could really change things - don't be discouraged.

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