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Monday, April 28, 2014

Fatal stabbing at school in Leeds, England


Friday, April 18, 2014

How the Internet is helping work to defeat knife crime

JUST reflecting on Good Friday on anti-knife crime work where some people have had doubts about the value of the Internet and social media, considering them variously as peripheral, a waste of time, trivial... 

Well, without any doubt I have linked up with many people in different parts of the UK via the web - and on occasion other parts of the world - in a way I've noticed has brought strength and support in the most painful and difficult of times... and I continue to do so.

Think I maybe helping - statistics recording those injured due to violent crime are decreasing according to new data it was just announced this month (April 2014).

I ask you to take a look through this blog, read the posts, join friends on my anti-knife crime Facebook account, check out other campaigners' social media accounts and actions; numbers uniting against knife (and gun) are slowly growing.

Many of us affected by knife crime have got in touch, got informed, got through, got organised. Here's to the Web, capable to be a massive help at the lowest of times when it can be so hard to find friends, understanding, care, support - and then onwards to help life go on, maybe even save lives.

Happy Easter.

(Previous reflection about knife crime and Good Friday)

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Domenico Rancadore - picture of Italian Mafia leader fighting UK extradition

Domenico Rancadore, a 'most wanted', convicted Mafia boss who has been trying to cover his face to stop photographers taking pictures of him. Sad, perhaps, his life is turning into a witch hunt, though it has been said those who have lived by the sword, shall die by it.

So here's an extra large photo of a man linked to murder, bribery, extortion, money laundering, etc, generally linked to evil, killing, bullying etc. If you see him near you, suggest you head off in another direction.

According to the Press, he was convicted in 1999 of being a 'prominent representative' and a former 'man of honour' in the Sicilian Mafia - aka Cosa Nostra - for collecting bribes from construction workers / builders in Trabia near Palermo.

Courts have been told Rancadore has been a leader in a gang that 'spread terror' on Sicily, 'systematically murdering anybody who did not comply with the will of the members of the organisation'.

It is reported Rancadore is now suffering chest pains. If he was in the Mafia, these will presumably have been caused by decisions he took earlier in his life - or caused by others who forced / coerced him to join?

He seems to be operating at present in the spirit of omertà... (literally, 'code of silence'). Within Mafia culture, breaking omertà is punishable by death. Mmm, lovely club rules.

Domenico Rancadore - alleged Mafia mobster fighting (again) extradition from England.