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Sunday, November 15, 2015

News + social media coverage of Paris attacks

PERSONAL snapshot of some news and social media snippets during and in the aftermath of the terrorism attacks in Paris this weekend.

Somehow, an unerring focus on peace must continue; there is a need to be proactive, snap out of apathy to understand the causes of violence. Once a problem is defined, solutions can be developed.

Not forgetting knife crime at this time either... always trying to sow the seeds of non-violent solutions for people who think it's acceptable to carry and use knives to injure and kill others.

This week an 18-year-old became the 13th victim of a fatal stabbing in London since the beginning of 2015. In the last year, 1,651 young people have been stabbed in the capital; a 26% rise on figures two years ago.

  1. CHURCHES across the world at the 'foot of the Cross' today praying for Paris + end to murder
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  2. WORLD is not prepared to put up with this violence... pianist's Imagine - Lennon's original
  3. WISE COMMENT for today + these times of terror: Dropping bombs on people isn’t the solution -
  4. Paris attacks: Dozens dead and hostages held at Bataclan - up to 100??
    1. Live updates as at least 35 people dead in a shooting and explosion in Paris

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