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Sunday, March 13, 2016

ANOTHER fatal stabbing in my home town of Chichester

FAIRLY early on Friday evening an 18-year-old lad was stabbed in my home town, Chichester.

A terrible act. Many must feel sorrow and pain over this terrible crime, especially family and friends of the young man who was killed. One's heart can only go out to them, remembering the trauma of the city stabbing that started this blog about a decade ago at McDonald's in Chichester Gate.

Several people remarked this is not the type of thing that happens in Chi. Well, there has been knife crime here - and it's not about the place in fact, it's about the people who carry and use knives as weapons.

Knife crime and other violence is rising in this country, according to official statistics (more than c.27k per year at last count), many choosing to carry blades to injure and kill. 

Most people wish they didn't do so - it's a type of society and way of living we do not want

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