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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Anti-knife campaigning - enforcement alone is not enough

North of the English border, the Scots may be making better progress towards tackling knife crime.

I wonder how to better 'seize the day' in England to make the selling and carrying of knives a more responsible activity (in the same way we tackle smoking cigarettes with legislation, education - and big 'you're going to die' notices on packets of fags!). What do you think are ways to tackle this problem?

Here's a summary of the news I spotted in Scotland:

A major new campaign aimed at challenging attitudes towards the carrying of knives across Scotland has been launched.

It is the latest effort to tackle the problem and follows new legislation to toughen the laws on knife carrying.

The campaign will be conducted at a cost of £580,000, with anti-knife roadshows touring areas affected by violent crime.

Enforcement alone cannot solve Scotland's knife culture, according to campaigners, who aim to challenge the idea that knife carrying is acceptable and/or normal.

Read full BBC story

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