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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Map of knife crime statistics across England + Wales

'Blade Britain' - map of knife crimes in police force counties and areas across the UK; recorded blade crime statistics / figures (from the Daily Mail online).

Interesting to see that Sussex - a county that police claimed did not have a knife problem - records a total of 274 such crimes over a year. Bear in mind, I appeared on BBC radio this month to highlight that knives were being carried in Sussex. As well as reports I've had to my blog, these figures are also evidence that I was correct.


  1. this is a good site, but is it possible to obtain a break down of the knife crime in the main areas such as London or greater Manchester, possibly a contour map to show the correspondance with knife crime and poverty? thanks!

  2. Will try, time to get it done is my main barrier. Anyone else want to prepare such a kinfe crime map for London / greater Manchester / other cities? I'll happily publish it.


  3. Looking for this information for ages for an investigation at school, thanks so much!

  4. Censorship is making knife crime worse, we are not able to say why knife crime had dramatically increased in our country for fear of being called 'racist'. So here it is : knife crime was brought into our country via immigration.
    For obvious reasons please keep me Anonymous

  5. 'Knife crime' includes some poor guy who gets arrested for having a pen knife that happens to lock, as well as some kid who brings back a neat little butterfly knife trinket from France. A map of homicides (The weapon used does not really matter) would be more useful.

  6. there are to many uneducated people having children who dont teach them any moral values these kids are unwanted and unloved the,
    pro family lobby says everyone has a right to have children and now we are as you sow so shall you reap the state has let these gangs and others rule our streets and the general public has to live with these vile gangs the parents should be made to account for the actions of there children if you children is in jail it is your problem parents if you have failed dont have any more children please


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