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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boycott Dolce & Gabbana over idiot knife adverts

Fashionista idiots - Fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has been criticised over "irresponsible" adverts which showed models wielding knives and others with graphic wounds.

Read the full story - BBC News

At your discretion, you can view a picture of the ad - D&G glorify wielding of knives

Here am I armed with nothing but a computer keyboard (and nil budget) trying to make an impression on this society's knife culture.

Then in one sweeping, multi-million pound advert campaign, those highly refined aesthetes at D&G damn themselves by trying to make knife-carrying part of fashion.

Don't know about aesthetes - more like aesholes.

What is galling is that they surely did it for the publicity. It's cashing in over the deaths and injuries of many people - pure and simple.

Without doubt, stylising blades in such a way is hugely distasteful and, more worryingly, dangerous and irresponsible, condoning and glamorising knives. Utter madness.

Similar points were made by Mothers Against Murder and Aggression (see the BBC News link above) and the Advertising Standards Authority.

If swearing helped, I'd do more - but it only shows frustration. So, time to be more proactive.
Only profits count to these sort of companies - so I'd ask anyone thinking about buying D&G to boycott them instead.

And why not drop the company an e-mail here, describing how poor the company is. If any of you discover other e-mail addresses, post them on this blog and I'll publicise them. Let me know any other campaigning ideas you have.

D&G - neurotic and pretentious berks from across the world hoping to live glossy mag dreams.
Narcisstic saps.

Fashionista idiots.


  1. Great to see that there are other sensible people in the world.thank you for your comments.
    Lyn Costello
    co-foundre mothers against murder and aggression

  2. You lot are like a bunch of bitchy little girls. Honestly, (Best part of all is that you'll just delete this so nobody can hear anything other than the biased junk that you spew) but honestly, it is for entertainment and drama. The idea is to draw you in and make you intrigued. With the knife block you said in one of your other articles it is clearly for comedic value. Look knives being stored in a stabbed person. Its somewhat funny because its a model not a stabbed person. Its for comedy not meant to make you go around and stab people. Seriously grow the fuck up and understand that the entire world isn't trying to subliminally message our kids into stabbing people. The world really isn't as dark and scary as you make it out to be. Just take things as they are and stop reading into simple sculptures and photographs. Remove the tin hat off your head and stop thinking aliens are coming to get us and one day you type of people may even be considered normal. The people who cuddle up and over-protect their kids are the ones who's children's are most likely to end up victims. Goodluck having your kids grow up in the real world, they're not going to know what hit them when mummy and daddy aren't around any more.


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