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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gun crime - studying the facts + figures

Thought and quote of the year so far: Ben Okechukwu - father of Ruth Okechukwu, who was stabbed to death by Robert Malasi in 2005 - said: "Not enough is being done to check the infiltration of guns and knives".

And just thought we could take a look at the gun crime statistics.

On Sunday AM this morning, a key statistic showed that more than half of those carrying out gun killings were teenagers.

This BBC article carries a statistical overview: Fighting gun crime

And the Gun Control Network is doing some worthy work.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Drugs (illicit) are crap, guns kill - make no mistake

Sickened. Am considering some focus on anti-gun work after the news over the past week. Three teenagers down (sob).

Seems to be a difference between knife and gun use - but the devastating consequences using one or the other is quite clear: death, serious injury, lives destroyed.

BBC News - Shot 15-year-old's father pleads to catch killers

Politicians irritate me to the point of disgust. While a boy dies in his sister's arms, politicians talk openly about family problems, specific solutions, careful responses. True to say, these bureaucrats have no idea. For f sake, few parents, relatives or friends want to hear anyone casting blame in times of grief - it doesn't help, it feels worse. It's not their fault.

That gun crime is directly linked to drugs gangs appears non-contestable. Ordinary people can play their part by not buying drugs. Illicit drugs generate criminal activity. Remember those you helped murder when you take your next cannabis drag. A smokey drag is not without its consequences, without its guilt. Poor Kate Moss, no doubt - a (potential) killer and criminal, we pretty much know.

Apparently, Peel Dem Crew - with online music pretensions - are a crime gang rolled up in this gun shooting mess. Pity them. See You Tube.

And the knife link? See BBC News - Police link two Peckham killings . Some knife and gun violence is centred around Peckham.

Who's an idiot carrying a knife or gun in Peckham - do you know one or two? Watch out for the black guy (they can't have a soul anyway - who are the white idiots too...). God protect us all.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Party-goer uses samurai sword to murder

I know what we'll do - let's pop down the shops, buy a samurai sword, hang it on a wall. Let's admire it, enjoy its sleek appearance, sharp blade, shiny looks...

Then we'll pick it off the wall hooks and head out to slaughter someone... how about a 15-year-old girl?

This happened - see BBC News: Party-goer uses samurai sword to murder

Sickened doesn't describe the half of it. Out at the weekend, friends tell me they know of a 14-year-old who went into David Messam's in East Street, Chichester, and bought a machete. How can that be sensible - ever?

Then pub-goers I met wondered how to stop this menace - and good ideas get lost among the rush of "it's too difficult to stop people buying / carrying knives - and anyway, there's always a knife in the kitchen to use".

Fair points maybe, but none of them justify or excuse using a knife in violent fashion, whether to maim and kill.

Another knife stabbing - just another Monday night in England...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another lad knifed to death - when will lawmakers act?

My hands just covered my head this weekend - it made me weep. "Branded a chav - then murdered" rang out the Mirror newspaper headline.

A decent 15-year-old lad will not be getting up for school anymore, heading to the cinema or a rugby match, or spending time with his girlfriend.

All because a fool chose to carry and use a knife against him. Such a waste of a precious life by an idiot who cannot see beyond the feeling of having a death blade in his pocket.

My heart goes out to his mother who made a plea today for youngsters to stop carrying knives (see The Sun - Knife plea by 'chav boy's' mum).

I remember seeing a dying woman in front of me during the McDonalds attack at Chichester, and thinking WHY? What drives a person to wield a knife with such violence?

All the pleas in the world do not bring loved ones back to life - proper, appropriate, nationwide action must be taken to stop the lives of loved ones being stolen - and soon.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gang members carry knives to prove they're "someone"

Comment from someone finding out about this blog:

"It is a growing problem and something that largely goes unreported or is toned down in the media.

"There was an attack in 2005 on two students in Essex, totally unprovoked, and one of them died from a stab wound.

"There was footage that you could download and I think one programme actually showed the stabbing but I don't think people are aware of how much damage knives can do and the majority of offenders carry them without setting out with the intention of using them.

"If you've seen the footage it really hits home how such a small incident, that the offenders probably thought would result in the victims being hurt and nothing more, can result in tragedy.

"There is a definite culture among certain groups, and members of those groups carry knives and weapons to prove that they're part of that group.

"But I think the majority of actual incidents where someone gets stabbed are the result of a relatively small issue getting totally out of control and, hopefully, offenders feel genuine regret afterwards.

"But if footage like that of these boys being stabbed was shown to a bigger audience and on a much more regular basis, also including the consequences to both victims (and families) and offenders, then people would begin to understand how deadly knives are.

"There is an argument that showing footage like this would desensitise people to it and possibly the crime, but having seen it - and knowing that the boy died from it - I think that's impossible.

"I'll pass this link on - think it strikes a chord with a lot of people!"