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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cannabis + mental illness? No - you are the problem

I don't buy it - if people were peaceful, cannabis would not transform them into murderers. It may send them further down a path to mental chaos (especially in our busy, tense lives and society) but not killing, stabbing etc.

Combining cannabis with alcohol on a Saturday night - that maybe stupid and angry, but still not a murderer or hooligan does it make.

Killing, stabbing, shooting, the will to violence is a product of the person not the substances. People must look at themselves, not the drugs.

People on drugs, alcohol etc have to take responsibility for their actions. Stop drinking, stop smoking etc. Anything else tends to be an excuse.

Admittedly though, 'our society' doesn't help - but again that's no excuse. If you've gone out of control, that is mostly changed by education, associates, recreation. (True mental illness is a different issue though.)

What I mean is, the Guardian angle on this story maybe wrong:
News - March 2007: Drug user gets life for killing friends

That's pandering to the social workers. Far better (and good for self-esteem) to take responsibility for yourself. (If you're not coping though, seek professional help.) Whatever, don't lash out.

Look at it this way - when your angry and/or fuelled with 'stuff': breathe deeply once and tell yourself to count for two seconds ("only a fool breaks the two-second rule").

Then you won't feel as angry, then you can put the knife / gun away - and just go home.

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