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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Drug dealer 'stabs crime fighter in street'

No way should someone have to put themselves in so much danger to get a dangerous dealer off the street.

This is supposed to be a police job - so how come this dealer was out so brazenly dealing... and with a knife ready to kill? If dealers don't go to hell, I don't know who will.

That said, I'm not happy about such strong language I'm having to use to articulate the dangers about people with knives and guns in our society.

Peace must come to the streets - it's the only way.

Here's the story from today: Metro

Have-a-go hero stabbed by drug dealer

Bruce Lawrence was stabbed in the head when he stood up to a drug dealer.

Mr Lawrence told the man who was openly selling drugs to stop and move on.
The area is plagued with drug-related violence and Mr Lawrence was sick of it.

The dealer became violent and during the ensuing scuffle Mr Lawrence, 32, was stabbed in the head above the right ear and blood poured from the wound.

But despite this he managed to hold the dealer down until police arrived.

Mr Lawrence, a karate expert, said: 'I want to send a message out to all these people who think they can deal drugs on these streets.

'They should look out for me and know they won't get away with it if I'm around. I know that man's face.

'He's always dealing round here and now there's one less of them on the streets. We're not putting up with rubbish any longer, the people round here are starting to fight back.'

'There was a bit of a scuffle and he pulled out a knife and started lunging at me but I wasn't going to let him go even though I got knifed in the head.'

Mr Lawrence was treated in hospital, as was the 42-year-old suspect who was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.


  1. Westley Odger's Mum says...I'm so glad that you've survived this incident. It is appauling the number of incidents that are happening around the Country on a daily basis. I campaign for tougher sentencing following Westley's unprovoked Knife attack which took his life on the 12th September, 2005 to read the story - or

  2. Take away guns from law abiding citizens and see what crazieness the world spins into. Next knives will need a licence, and then onto turnips. Someday only outlaws will have turnips.


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