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Monday, April 09, 2007

How to deal with such mad violence...?!

All this violence continues...

BBC News:
Stabbed Paul Erahon, aged 14, was victim of bullies
Metro: Dying Paul asked knife killer: How could you do this?

Paul is the seventh Londoner under 16 to be murdered since the end of January... Seventh! Utter madness.

Evening Standard: Shooting of pregnant 22-year-old Krystal Hart

There is a kind of immoral sensationalism as you watch the media roll out attention-grabbing headlines at these awful times. Two precious lives are dead - yet papers want to sell, tv news wants viewers etc.

On the positive side, we are part of the same community, the same society - most of us are deeply saddened and upset by such tragedy, and this depraved use of weapons. By watching and reading, it (hopefully) motivates us to do something to change things for the better. We are in the majority - it's about using our power more effectively, I'm sure.

I was trying to think more, meditating a little more while reading over the last few Easter days.

Putting this blog together, looking at knife + gun websites and related news has often made me determined - but also frequently angry and frustrated.

To deal with this, perhaps a state of mind is called for at times. I came up with five words: quiet, peaceable, determined, charitable and pitiful.

What do you think?

Developing these, I hope they can be added focus for our thoughts that further develop and push forward everybody's knife + gun campaigning efforts.

We will, however, always remember those who were killed. Always.

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