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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Knife crime battle - peaceful young people needed to fight back

Solving knife crime is a complex equation. An important dimension that risked being overlooked before this week has become a serious factor to take account of.

Children's Commissioner Sir Al Aynsley-Green entered the fray, warning that young people could be alienated by new police stop + search powers on Britain's streets.

Highly appropriate to raise this concern. It is surely a small minority of 'bad' people who through some kind of psychological and real threat of terror are holding (parts of) this country to ransom.

Fears of harm and danger - as well as regular stabbings, injuries and deaths - are now well established in the national psyche, sadly, as a result of this knife crime phenomenon. But it does no-one any good to demonise all young people.

Youngsters just as desperate to solve the UK's knife scourge have contributed to this blog, working to try to stop people carrying knives - and there are countless citizens out there, young and old, who are anti-knife carrying.

It is this moral majority whose powerful voices, intelligence and peaceful resistance we need at work in our homes, communities and on our streets. The Children's Commissioner is right to make his points.

I spotted a couple of notable anti-knife stories worthy of thought this week:

National ad campaign encourages mothers to talk to youngsters who carry blades

Police chief calls for knife detectors on UK streets - click here to see picture of knife detecting arches in action

Let's empower, encourage and support all those uncomfortable with knife crime. Just like any war or even political conflict, fighting knife crime is a battle for hearts and minds, just as much as it is for disarming criminals or cleaning up the streets.

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