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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Knife crime in UK - podcast video

Link to video about knife crime in London

An anonymous blog post-er to this site sent in a link to an insightful video by Shola Amoo about knife crime in Britain's capital city.

Knife crime video - from Current tv by Shola Amoo

It's a must-watch - you have a chance to smell and breathe the air and environment that is 'knife crime' in the UK, and especially in the cities.

Not least, it helps to start to shine a spotlight on the complex societal and moral issues that are bound up in use of blades for destructive purposes.

Main highlights include:
  • Anti-knife crime campaign event
  • Stabbing victim showing his scars
  • Expert police analysis of knife use, especially for robbery
This is surely the type of peaceful initiative - professional community video tackling a worrying national issue - that can greatly impact the debate and help shape knife crime solutions. How are you aiming to be part of the solution? Tell this blog about it.

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