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Thursday, July 10, 2008

'Beat knife crime' - the London Evening Standard campaign

The Evening Standard has picked up my knife and violent crime blog post about Sal Idriss (see this post) organising a photographic exhibition to honour the 27 young people killed in London last year. Sal passed the blog post link to a contact there.

View the story: Sal's project to present devastated families through emotional photography

I'd not noticed until now the Standard's five-point 'beat knife crime' charter. Here's a summary of it here - seems well-focused, see what you think:

1. More targeted high-profile searches backed up by more police with scanners on the streets, on public transport and inside and outside schools, with targeted patrols on routes to and from schools.

2. Train children in “peer-to-peer mentoring” and use citizenship and personal, social and health education to teach the simple message: respect cannot be won at the point of a knife.

3. Prosecute everybody found with a knife or using it to the full extent of the law: no more police cautions and no more second chances.

4. Use the toughest possible sentences on knife criminals: end the slap on the wrist culture which lets offenders walk free.

5. Make prison work with compulsory therapy for young prisoners in which they come face-to-face with the consequences of their knife, gun and other violent crimes by meeting victims and the doctors who treated them.

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