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Monday, July 14, 2008

(Budding) killers + families targeted by Govt anti-knife crime initiative

Not a bad idea. Target 110,000 potentially murderous (?) families and their children. Think the Prime Minister is on to something here with his anti-knife crime initiative.

Important too he focused on the sufferings of devastated familes - their loss is irreplaceable and the pain cannot be put into words, probably ever.

Look closely at what he said to you out there who carry and wield knives:
  • Law enforcement is going to pursue you
  • Prosecution looks to be inevitable for you
  • You face severe punishment
  • Prison awaits you, else you'll be cleaning streets when you used to enjoy your reign of terror such as on Friday and Saturday nights.
If divine providence is with us, you'll be wearing orange overalls too. You should be seen as captured and clearing up a mess you helped create.

Makes you think how fortunate you are not to face execution, you knifing hoodlums.

Think we should watch and support Brown carry this lot through. I'm not sure if it's perfect but it's progressive, focused and unflinching.

The Tory view to round up everyone who carries a knife and imprison them doesn't seem practical. I would go back to a view that adults need to change too - but that's not to detract from how debating this matter does very little to help the families and friends of victims. I find it impossible to put into words - very little seems able to scratch the surface of grief those affected by fatal attacks are suffering.

You stupid stabbers... God help you. May those who you forced to mourn be comforted.

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