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Friday, July 11, 2008

'Join Anti-Knife Campaign' plea from friend of stabbing victim Martin Dinnegan

A young person has contacted me to publicise a 'justice for victims' campaign to press the government to put killers behind bars for life. To put it simply, this youth and friends want life sentences to mean life, not a few years.

As a friend in mourning for the tragic death of Martin Dinnegan, this youth makes a very important point that, to be honest, I have felt too:

Quote from Martin's friend: "I have read many cases in which justice has not been served to the families of those victims left behind. Life sentences are becoming ridiculous, knife crime is becoming ridiculous, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Our country seems to be more interested in the public relations and problems of other countries rather than the problems of our country."

While some criminal teenagers carry knives, with nothing at all worth aspiring to, it seems, than sticking a pointed blade into another human being, the voice of law-abiding youth here seems to be clearly articulating systematic failure of the government, its politicians, civil servants - and employers too - to ensure a safe, just and fair society for all.

Please visit the anti-knife crime campaign in memory of Martin Dinnegan and Ben Kinsella - VOTE NOW to support or oppose the campaign.

And to try to promote the campaign further, please 'Digg It' by clicking here - life should mean LIFE.

One point is clear: our governors are failing to satisfactorily respond to the voice of the electorate. People who carry weapons - or much worse, use them to kill or maim - are not wanted in law-abiding society, period. THEY NEED TO BE REMOVED.

I'm not an advocate of capital punishment - we can hardly stand on higher moral ground than criminals where we lower ourselves to kill; we become almost as bad.

But a namby-pamby, cushy life in a cosy prison with all food + lodgings provided, as well as benefits paid for by hard-working taxpayers when they get out is, to be frank, unacceptable. A harder edge is required. Life's not easy for the law-abiding either, they should not be penalised.

Given the thousands of knife attacks each year - 60,000 according to current estimates - this is a very spectacular failure by our governors.

Elections come along fairly often, so we can use a peaceful, democratic vote to kick some politicians from office, but how do we influence civil servants in their ivory towers?

And employers carry responsibility for creating a work environment that's worth turning up for.

For instance, any company that fails to pay the minimum wage to young people deserves condemnation - and legal action... and that's just for starters, work-wise. Why would a young person turn up for a crap job that barely pays enough for a cup of coffee during leisure time? I'd take to the streets and protest too.

Anyway, don't hesitate - vote now with decent young people - keep adding your voice to the groundswell of so many against all types of knife, gun and violent crime.

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