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Monday, July 28, 2008

Knife crime statistics and knife crime facts

'Knife crime statistics' and 'knife crime facts' are among the most popular keyphrases that people have searched for on the Internet during the recent blitz of media coverage following a spate of tragic attacks.

But searches for ‘knife crime’ were by far the highest. And certainly, my blog saw a high rise in numbers of people studying this blog - often for about half an hour at a time.

Most thought provoking story of the past few days has been about no prison sentences handed down for shops and stores selling knives to children in the past five years.

In an article in The Daily Telegraph, a range of new, up to date knife crime statistics are published after research by the Liberal Democrats. Click the link to study more blade stats info.

As the summer holidays and good weather have started, searches now seem to be dropping away. I kind of pray this continues - it probably means there are less killings and woundings happening. Sad state of affairs.

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